Capri Blue Candles

Growing up, my family was never huge into candles. We had them, we used them, but they were never something we actively sought out to buy. We had the drawer filled with the Yankee Candles that we were given at Christmas, but candles were not an integral part of my daily life. 

Now, having my own home...I love candles! I love the warmth, the flickering light, the scents, the jars, everything! 

I've been slowly gathering candles, some I buy my self, some are the classic Yankee ones we've been given as gifts. It's now part of my nightly routine to come home from work and light one as I get dinner going and relax on the couch after. I have a found a few favorites and I wanted to share with you!

Today is all about Capri Blue Candles

Alex and I discovered Capri Blue Candles at a little shop in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Deer Hazel. Such a cute shop with clothes, accessories and home goods. Alex picked up a candle from Capri Blue's "Gilded Muse" collection. A beautiful silver jar with the scent "Citrus & Violet Haze."  Alex was excited about it and simply stated "We're getting this" as he opened the lid for me to smell. It has the scents orange, eucalyptus, violet, clove and musk. Not to mention the jar was pretty to just look at as well as smelling amazing. 

As we were burning it (and LOVING the scent), we noticed that unlike a lot of other candles, this one burned off all the wax in the jar. It left the insides of the jar completely clean! We let it burn itself out and realized that we could remove the last little bit of wax at the bottom (Alex used a long lighter to soften the wax and wipe it out with a paper towel) and reuse the jar. So now, not only did we get a great candle, but we now have a beautiful jar for storage we can use around the house.

Candy jar, makeup brushes, knick knacks...such a gorgeous jar!

Candy jar, makeup brushes, knick knacks...such a gorgeous jar!

We loved the first one so much we got another, Pink Grapefruit and Prosecco! This one comes in a rose gold jar...I am just going to have to collect them all! I have a thing for rose gold, and as all my friends know....Prosecco. This candle is #veryvictoriakaye.

Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco in a rose gold jar.

Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco in a rose gold jar.

Capri Blue has so many more scents and jar designs, not just the Gilded Muse. So I'll be slowly working my way through them all! I wish there was a way for you to smell the candles over the internet, because these smell so amazing! You're missing out. You can get Capri Blue candles online at their website ( or if you're lucky, in a local shop near you! 

If you find a scent you love, be sure to share! I can't wait to make my way through their collection.