Coming Soon: Book Reviews!

I love a good story. So I suppose it is pretty obvious that I read a lot of books and watch a lot of TV and movies. If it's a good story with compelling characters, I'm in. You'll often find me reading in the hammock on our deck, or by a candle all cozied up on the couch with my husband and cat. 

The list of books that I have read over the years and loved, and books that I suggest people to read all the time is huge. I have my favorites that I continue to go back to and re-read year after year. But I'm also constantly looking for new books, new authors, new series, new worlds, and new characters to fall in love with. 

So I guess that brings me to the announcement....

Coming Soon...Book Reviews!

I'll be giving you my quick rating and description of the storyline and anything else I feel should be shared about the books. So be sure to let me know what books you're loving, hating, and what I should read. We may not all love the same thing, but we can learn and we can grow, and that's what counts! 

Until then, my favorite book series you can breeze through this summer is The Giver quartet (a 4 book series) by Lois Lowery. The first book is the classic, "The Giver" and the companion novels may not feel like they are connected at first, but trust me, they are. Don't let the fact that it's technically classified as a children's book stop you from reading it. All four of the books are deep and heartfelt and full of empathy. You can't help but want to make the world a better place when you are done with them. 

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