Officially a Blasich: Thanks to HitchSwitch

Alex and I got married a little over 2 years ago...and I'm just now officially a Blasich. Hooray!

Why did it take me so long to change my name? It wasn't for any feminist reason really, it was because I kinda liked my name, and changing your name just looked like a huge pain in the ass. 

I did decide a while back that I was going to change my name, I talked about it in the post "Why I'm Changing My Name" (you can click here to read that). And I finally got around to it, all thanks to HitchSwitch

So, spoiler alert, changing your name is a big freaking deal. Your entire identity has to change across multiple government agencies, financial institutions, business accounts, personal accounts, and ugh oh my gawd how do you know where to even start?! 

HitchSwitch. You start at HitchSwitch. 

Well, technically you start at Social Security but don't worry, HitchSwitch will get you all the details. 

To get started with HitchSwitch, all you need to do is pick out what package of the 3 they offer that you want; Print At Home, Full Service or Platinum (I originally ordered Full Service and then later upgraded to Platinum), and fill out the EasyForm (seriously takes 5 mixtures or less), and then #ClaimYourName!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 5.05.12 PM.png


They make it super simple and are so helpful if you have any questions. I ordered my HitchSwitch package, and then we bought a house, moved, they added more features and I never got around to filling out the paper work or making an appointment at the Social Security office...see, pain. in. the. ass.  So I just sent them a quick email saying that I needed to order another package with my updated info and I would like to include the Passport option (which was added after I ordered my first package). I didn't even have to pay for a whole new package, they just charged me the difference between the original and the new one. How nice! Within a week I had a new, updated package with my new address, and all the paperwork pretty much completely filled out for me. Magical!  Yes, you do still need to fill out some information, like your Social Security number and such, but really, that is the easiest of everything you have to do to change your name. 

When you get your package, it comes in a box that says "OUT with the_______...IN with the__________" for you to fill in your maiden and married name. 

OUT with the "Frederick"...IN with the "Blasich"

OUT with the "Frederick"...IN with the "Blasich"

Inside the box you get a folder with all your paperwork in it, and a step by step guide of what additional information you need to fill in (like Social Security number), and the order that the paper work needs to be submitted in. Social Security is the first step, you have to submit your paperwork for a new card with your new name on it at least 48 hours before you can do anything else. Like update your drivers license or passport. They make it so easy! All you have to do is get yourself to the applicable offices to submit the paperwork, which was my problem. 

I am here to tell you that it doesn't actually suck as much I thought it would. 

Not many people were at my local Social Security office for name changes, so I was in and out in about an hour. And for the drivers license, again, easy. As long as you have everything you need, you really are just waiting on the employee to put all your info in the computer. Check with your local offices and see if you can make an appointment or ask when it is slowest. 

From there, it's all about submitting and waiting. It will take a while, but if you take a half day every so often off of work to run into the offices to submit things, you'll have your new name in no time! 

Oh, and if you have a cat...they will love the box that it comes in. 

Have box. Will sit.

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So here is to married life, to Team Blasich and no more telling people they have to re-write me checks because they used my married name when my back accounts are all in my maiden name still. 

Changing your name? Check out and get started today!