Life & Weight Loss after TB

So a woman in her mid-to-late 20's blogging about weight loss isn't really a new thing is it? It is for me though, so I thought I would give it a shot. Indulge me if you will. 

I've never been "thin". I was always the bigger girl. And I was pretty ok with that. I wasn't skinny, but I didn't consider myself unhealthy. 

When I first met in Alex in college, I was a size 12. I was playing soccer and other sports regularly and was in marching band, I was active. I was fairly consistent all through college, but after studying abroad, and somehow contracting TB, my body to gained a lot of weight. Long story short, and the first post all about it is here, I'm officially free and clear and healthy again! Not only that, I'm losing all that weight I gained over those years. 

I was a size 18 when I started treatment. Now, a few months after I was cleared, I'm a 12 again! 

Honestly, I didn't do much at first. I lost my appetite during treatment most days because the antibiotics are killer. But once that was over, I still had a smaller appetite. I wasn't exercising more than usual, or even at all since my joint pain was still an issue. Alex and I had also just moved so since I wasn't next door to a gym, so I never went. But somehow my body was getting back to normal. I'm not starving myself, I'm not at the gym every free moment. I'm just listening to my body, eating well and moving more like taking the stairs at work (hen my knees feel up to it) instead of the elevator. I feel better mentally, physically, emotionally, it's amazing! Being healthy feels great you guys, it really, really does. I have more energy throughout the day and more drive to go out and do more. I'm feeling like I did back in college, oh so long ago... I like this feeling!

It's funny, when I was a 12, I never would have considered buying a backless dress or *gasp* a bikini. Now I've got 3 bikini's in the mail from Target and I can't wait to try them on. I would like to thank my high school bestie and co-worker who both insisted I needed one. I'm not sure if its cause I'm just older and more confident/DGAF as much what some people may think or what, but I'm excited. For shopping, new clothes, taking fashion risks I NEVER thought I would and just feeling better than I have in years! Time to go shopping to get new clothes that fit! I've already had a "treat yourself" splurge...a Draper James dress that I can't wait to wear once it gets warm enough. 

I'm ready to live the motto: Look Good, Feel Good. Or maybe it should be "Feel Good, Look Good"? Either way, I'm feeling both.