Hawaiian Vacation

We all need a little getaway sometimes. Alex and I just got back from a week on the Big Island, Hawaii, and oh my lordy, was it hard to come back to Seattle in February! I was ready to put the house up for sale and stay in the sunshine.

My aunt used to live on the Big Island, so I've spent so time there, but never spent any time on the other islands. Alex had never been, so when his parents offered to take us on a trip, we couldn't have been more excited. I'm a warm weather fan and I loved Hawaii as a kid, I was ready to share all those memories with Alex. The Big Island is full of stuff to do and is so pretty!

For a 6 hour plan ride, which is about the same length as it takes to get from Seattle to Pullman (Go Cougs!), you're transported to what feels like another planet, but you're still in the USA. We flew Alaska Airlines (which I found funny....flying Alaska to Hawaii...)  and right before we started our descent, they passed out complimentary Mai Tai's. What a way to start off a vacation! You land and the airport is open air, no gangway to walk down, you just walk right out into the sunshine and breeze.

Our hotel/resort/"vacation club", what ever you want to call it was on the Kona side of the Big Island, the desert side. They only receive about 2 inches of rain a year!



Just a quick drive from the airport we found our home for the next week: The Hilton Grand Vacations, King's Land. This place is huge, beautiful and has absolutely everything you would ever need. Condos, town homes, shopping centers, grocery stores, golf courses, pools, beaches, bars, everything! You could stay an entire week and not leave the property. 

We dropped off our bags at the room and then went into the main lodge to see about dinner and explore a bit. Thats when we found the perfect place to watch the sunset.

We had a great two bedroom suite with a full kitchen and a balcony. I may have fell in love as soon as I saw the bathroom in our room...

Alex and I woke up every morning with the window wide open and the birds chirping. We would make tea and sit on the balcony reading books. #Goals. 

Alex and I spent a lot of time at the pool, with drinks in hand and a book nearby. The adult pool had lounge chairs in the pool, a waterfall and did I mention you could bring drinks pool side? 

My handsome husband showing off the flower in his hair

My handsome husband showing off the flower in his hair

The plan was to relax, I had had a killer month and a half at work and was really looking forward to spending time with Alex and warming up. Of course, I wanted to get out and explore a little, since Alex had never been. Our 'to-do' list included a luau & going to the volcano, more on those later. We also added in a few extra things on the fly, because whats a vacation without some spontaneity? And who can say no to star gazing when there is almost zero light pollution, you can see EVERYTHING! 

If you've never been to Hawaii, I highly suggest it! It can be pricey, sure, but for a treat your self moment, it's worth every penny. Save up, go with friends, and you don't have to stay at a fancy resort. Because the island isn't too big, you can drive across from one side to the other in about 2-3 hours. And the drive is beautiful! I recommend renting a car so you can explore on your own terms and time. Alex and I are already planning our next trip to paradise.

And next time, I'm gonna do better on the sunscreen 😅

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