My Favorite App from 2017: Motion Stills

Remember when iPhones first came out? They had the tag line of: "There's an app for that". And there is. It's true! Literally, there is an app for everything. So is there an app for making better use of all those Live Photos on iPhones? Yes of course! I want to share with you my favorite app that I discovered in 2017...Motion Stills. I use it constantly, it's one of my favorite apps to play with! It's been around for about a year, it launched in 2016, so I know it's not *new*, but it was to me! And I can't believe not more people know about it! 

I used Motion Stills all year for both personal and work and I can't get enough. It's officially on my list of apps I can't live without as a social media addict (and marketing coordinator...)

Motion Stills

Live Photos on the iPhone are really freaking cool. You can capture great movement and set them as your lock screen. But if you did get a great movement on a Live Photo, you were really limited to how you can share it. Unless you AND whomever you're sending the image to have an iPhone it's just a plain, static image. You also couldn't even share those Live Photos on social media...the new iOS tried to make it better by introducing the "Bounce" and "Loop" function but you still can't share those on social media! Lame

Here is where Motion Stills comes in. It takes your live photos (automatically pulls them from your photo album, awesome) and then lets you "loop" or "bounce" them and then export as a video (super awesome)! You can then send that video/gif to friends who can see it (even if they aren't iPhone users), and post on social media. It's. Amazing. So much better than a Boomerang! Plus you still get the normal still image and a video, 2 for 1!

My trick for the best Live-Photo-Turned-Video/Gif is simple; take a ton of pictures. Since a Live Photo records a mini video a few seconds before and a few seconds after you hit the shutter button, you should take a bunch all in a row to make sure you get a) the best movement and b) a lot of options for your mini video. A rapid fire shutter finger is the way to go. So don't just snap a picture and quickly move the phone away from what you are shooting, let it it linger and snap a handful more. You're more likely to get the perfect set up that way. And unlike Boomerang, where you have to time everything perfectly, review and decide to save right away, you can take all your pictures and then work on them later. Much more friendly to our fast paced world of "pics or it didn't happen". You never know what you'll capture on a Live Photo. Like a perfect photo bomb, or a true surprise reaction. 

Here is one of the first ever ones I made. A beautiful waterfall at a local garden I saw while location scouting with a coworker for a photo shoot. It even captures sounds! (Turn on your volume to hear the waterfall) 

My second ever Motion Stills was a complete accident, just looking through images and discovered that we got a super cute movement. This is how I figured out the trick to take a bunch of pictures while moving slowly to get the best options. 

Here is an example of one I made recently when I was feeling my makeup and hair using the "bounce" feature to make an (almost) seamless gif...

But wait...there is more! You can even add text! Motion tracking or just static, you can bring even more life to all your images. 

So bye bye Boomerang! Motion Stills is my go-to app for any short & sweet images that need some movement. The app is completely free to use, and I warn you, it's addicting to play with! 

Give it a shot and start creating some great gifs!