Things Fashion & Home DIY Bloggers Do That I Wish I Did But Will Most Likely Never Do

As any average girl can confirm, there are few things that every fashion or home or other successful blogger does, but that I just can't seem to master myself. My life is not a lovely, neat and tidy and color coordinated love fest. My life is messy, it's lazy, it's sometimes fantastic and sometimes so incredibly boring and lame. When I scroll through my favorite bloggers pages or Instagram feeds, I always catch myself  going "Oh, I should do that" or even "What a great idea! Awesome tip!" But in all reality, that is never going to be my life! I may try, but I'll fail. At least I know myself!

  1. Always have beautiful flowers on the tables/nightstands
    1. No, I can't do that. I'll get what I think is a great bouquet at Safeway when we do our weekly grocery shopping because I can't get to the farmers market every day. It will look terrible in one of the 3 vases I have and then it will just suddenly die. No warning, no slow wilt that ends with dried petals that could look great in someones fall or Halloween table scape. No. It just up and dies and then the water looks SO GROSS.
  2. Perfect little white vanity for all their makeup.
    1. WHO has perfect lighting in their bedroom/walk in closet and can have a vanity in there all year round? Nope. If I did my makeup in my bedroom I would look like an absolute freak. And white?! Dear Lord NO! I can't even wear white jeans. Much less keep a pristine white counter top clean with all the things that go into putting on makeup in the morning.
  3. Keeping their nightstand so minimal.
    1. Mine looks like a case on Hoarders, I have my phone, 3 eye masks, eyeglasses, moisturizer, a light, an iHome, hair clips, head bands, hair ties, eye glass cleaning cloth, 2 pens, a notebook, a bottle of Tylenol PM , a bottle of Tylenol Arthritis, birth control and a Kindle. Thats just the top, don't open the drawers. Just don't.
  4. Magically have partners/friends that are GREAT at photography and are willing to help take 999,99999,999,999 pictures of you a day for your IG, FB, Twitter & Blog etc.
    1. My husband is (an amazingly, loving, best man I could ever ask for, I love him to death) a terrible photographer. He knows this. He tries when I ask, but it's never good. Sometimes it's passable, but it's never good. So when I see all these bloggers like *Camera emoji* my boyfriend/my husband/my girlfriend/my wife/ my whatever....I'm like: HOW? Imagine for a moment how your life would be different if your life partner always took a great picture of you. However, honestly, if the only thing Alex is missing is the great photo taker ability, I'm still keeping him :*
  5. Not get exhausted from hosting all these parties for photo ops.
    1. I love my friends, I love having them over and cooking a great meal for us to lounge around for hours, but come on...don't they get a little tired throwing so many parties and get togethers? I know its fun and when its fun it's not as tiring and you can tolerate it more, but physically, that has to run you down a bit. Plus I hate doing clean up. Dishes are the worst.
  6. Keeping things tidy.
    1. If it was my house they were photographing, all the crap that wasn't put away would be shoved just out of frame. I have things that just keep moving from table to counter to desk to couch back to table because I have no idea where it actually goes. My things don't have a home where they live, they live in the wild. The wild that is my house.
  7. Do anything other than read other blogs and write your own blog.
    1. A lot of bloggers post daily, which is great for those of use who love their content. I want to get more things out of my head and on my blog! I'll try and start posting daily! Yeah no. Reading and commenting on others blogs to get more involved in the community takes a lot of time, then planning out posts...making the posts...that usually lasts a day before I realize I'll have no time for my husband, my other friends, reading books, sleeping, relaxing, watching tv etc. I could create that great recipe I came up with, stage a photoshoot with the perfect lighting and then type up a quick post. Or I could do the crossword with my hubby and watch some Netflix on the couch with the kitty on a gloomy day. I'll leave the daily blogging to the professionals.
  8. Get their pet to look cute for the camera.
    1. Getting a good photo of my Louie is difficult. He always looks so grumpy and awkward. And when he is being all big eyed and adorable, as soon as I pull out the phone to take a picture, he walks away. I could never get him to sleep all pretty and curled up on the couch after I re-organized everything and the lighting was perfect. Nope.
  9. Have a "capsule" wardrobe.
    1. I swear I must take out half my closet every morning trying to get dressed (hence why my house is a mess I suspect). I know a capsule wardrobe is supposed to help that and keep that from happening and just be so much better for you mentally. But I can't see myself having to do laundry every other day and wearing the same shirt 3 days a week. It's just not my style. I do get a good purge of my closet every few months though when I read a bunch of those blogs in a row.
  10. Actually have the time/money/know-how to do that home renovation/big DIY project.
    1. Having just bought a house, I can tell you have I have 99 projects but I can't figure out how to complete any of them. Even with both our fathers being skilled renovators/builders and me having a fairly clear idea of what I want, things just don't get done very quickly or on budget. Not sure how they do's probably magic. Daily Posting Blogger Magic from the Internet.

That is just my little comical take on it all. Of course you must know I mean no ill will toward the bloggers that do any of the things above! I love those blogs because they are not me, they are outside my own little world of expectations and aesthetics. What is comical is that as much as I try to bring a little of that world into my world, it doesn't stick as well as you would think. But I always try, because it is fun to try and do something new, even if it doesn't work out. They light a fire under me to try new things!