Why I'm Changing My Name

I'm getting married! Alex and I have been together for 7 years. I am getting married to my best friend, my rock, my soul mate, the best man human being I could ever hope for in my life. He takes care of me in every way, and I love him. He loves me. We are a pair. I can not live without him. I sleep better with him next to me. I love that he makes the worst jokes that are magically still funny, and that he is a hopeless romantic. Alex is the perfect mix of being the complete opposite of me, and exactly like me at the same time.

Getting married comes with a lot of questions from your family and friends. When is it? Where is it? Do you have your dress yet? Can I see it? What are your colors? When are you having kids? Do you want kids? *cue panic face*

One question that I never thought of, "Will you change your name?" Meaning, I would no longer be Victoria Frederick...

I have always secretly loved my name. I used to think Victoria was too formal or girly for me, but I've grown into it. Both my first and last names are lingerie stores, which I find hilarious that my parents didn't notice. My father even told me a story of him convincing his friends that the owner of Frederick's of Hollywood was his uncle and that he got to hang out with the model's sometimes. If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me what my secret was, I'd be so rich!

I never thought about changing my name. In my head, when I thought about the future, it was always Frederick...I was going to be Miss Frederick, Dr. Frederick, Queen Victoria Frederick, President Frederick or something like that. In all the fantasizes about my future...I was never a wife who shared a name with her husband. I had never thought about getting married, until I met Alex. With the wedding coming up soon, I started to give it some thought and I have come to a decision.

So for all the reasons I listed above, and so many more, I will be taking Alex's last name as my own. I've thought a lot about this, so today, for Alex's 26th birthday, one my gifts to him is this...I am Mrs. Blasich.

Alex and I are a team. We should have a team name right? Well, The Avengers was already taken, and so was The Mighty Ducks...so TEAM BLASICH it is! 

Alex and Tori