Brunch: Intentional Table

My sorority has a great alumnae network and I've recently start joining in and having fun with the ladies. It's amazing how even though we are different ages, different backgrounds, and even from different universities we all seem to have that one special bond. Some of the women I met today, I've never met before and we really hit it off! It's a fantastic feeling. Every so often the alumnae association gets together and has a fun activity and outing. This time we had a brunch at Intentional Table on Bainbridge Island. It's a food studio where you can get cooking demonstrations, classes and just great local, healthy food. Not to mention the mimosa's are fantastic for brunch! Not everyone could make it, but it was a great group of ladies!

We get there and are greeted by Zoe, who promptly brings out a large tray of mimosa's for the group of us. So cheery and pleasant, she is the perfect host. She doesn't play the part of a business owner, but more like a friend, cracking jokes with us and taking our group picture. It's a very relaxed atmosphere and so welcoming.

Greeted with Mimosas!

Chefs Heather aka Splash and Brian, were amazing! They gave a quick rundown of their background and training and what they were going to be cooking that day. They were so comfortable in front of our group, and it really showed that they knew what they were talking about. What they were making did have gluten in it, but since I'd been good for 2 weeks, I had a cheat day! Let me tell was worth it!

Brunch was a zucchini and farrow patty (I'll switch out the farro for brown rice when I make it), topped with a poached egg, green herb sauce and roasted tomatoes with a beet greens salad on the side. So great!

Brunch is served

Zucchini and farrow patty with poached egg and green herb sauce

The chefs walked us through everything. Explaining what was in season and where all our food came from. Giving out knife tips and pointers for how to substitute and keep up your kitchen. I love to cook, but my knife skills are no where near where they should be for as often as I use a knife. It was great to see everything up close and personal. And they even let us get in the kitchen and put some eggs in the water to poach! Conversation wasn't just focused on what they were cooking either. We had great conversations about soccer, traveling, and living in Texas and how to feed and use a sourdough starter.

Cheers to a great meal!

We even got dessert! White nectarines and fresh raspberry gelato made by Chef Brian.


It was a great morning, complete with a ferry ride, mimosa's and friends. I'm definitely going back! I just need to convince Alex to go back for more brunch and cooking demonstrations. So if you are in Seattle, or just visiting and have time for a Sunday brunch, I highly suggest you check it out! Fun, easy, affordable!

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