Canadian Hockey Weekend

I love sports, and hockey one of them. Strange thing about that though, I got into hockey while living in Dallas, not in Seattle. Odd? Yes, it stuck me as such as well. But my high school had a rec team, a guy I was dating had a school team and the Dallas Stars were there! Seattle does not have an NHL team (at this time...and didn't have a soccer team then either. Which is why FC Dallas is my first love) and not many people I know here play or watch as much as my friends in Dallas do. But then I met Rachel and Jess at a volunteer function for our work. Turns out, I'm not the only hockey fan up here! Jess is half Canadian and Rachel loves the Flyers more then coffee...maybe....

We bonded quickly and they are now 2 of my bridesmaids for the wedding! Jess's brother got tickets to a Canucks game and we got to go! $70 for seats that were at the TOP of the mid section, but it was right behind the goal and to be honest, there isn't a bad seat in that stadium.

I'd never gone to Canada before! Besides my mother telling me we had gone to Victoria when I was about 4, I still say that I'd never gone to Canada. So getting to go to Vancouver with my friends, to see a NHL game and my fiancee coming along as well was amazing. Surprisingly we didn't have that much trouble crossing the border. Enough though we were 4 people, not related to each other, and Jess in the back seat did all the talking.

Jess's grandmother, Nanny, lived just outside of downtown Vancouver and let us use her condo for the weekend. She took us to lunch and helped us figure out the buses, but she didn't have internet! So without her, we were on our own and it was a wandering adventure. Brilliant!

 (sidebar) We got to see 'Divergent', which is a pretty good movie for being another young adult romance that comes out of a dystopian society in the future. And I got all the British chocolate I got addicted to in Australia. (Areo,'s amazing)

The game was GREAT! The first shot on goal went in and the Canucks were down 1-0. They turned it around though and won. It was also Hennrik Sedin's 1000th game, so there was a great tribute to him and his family. Jess, Rachel and I all have different favorite teams, so we wore our shirts for the game and drank booze from our plastic cups with straws. Because my dears, we are classy. And Alex had fun looking at all the Canucks gear.




We walked all around downtown and went shopping, not to mention we had to get "real" poutine (Rachel'special request). Check out the eating adventure by checking out #alexeats on instagram. Rachel makes a special appearance on this trip.

This was also the weekend I asked Rachel to be a all it all, very memorable weekend. I loved Vancouver! It was a great city, beautiful! And so easy to get around. I could see myself spending more time there if  I get the chance.

And I photo-bombed  Rachel's picture....with Jess in the background. Dont' worry, she got me back

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