Wedding Planning: Its Begun!


So it's almost 2 months into this whole wedding planning business. I haven't gone crazy yet, and Alex still loves me. So this is looking great! I think the smoothness has to do with the fact that I'm not a perfectionist, but I am particular. I know what I like and what I want, so I can narrow down things fairly quickly. But I've learned throughout my life that there is RARELY something that is exactly how you pictured in your minds eye, so as soon as something feels right, to go for it.  I'm not saying to settle, good lord no! Never settle! But you need to be smart enough to realize your expectations may not actually have a real life counterpart. So to get a close as you can, you'll still be happy.

We have a venue! And a DATE! I can officially start counting down to when I'm getting hitched to my best friend. Not that I'm in a rush to get down the aisle. We're together forever (6 years into this relationship...we better be!), but the official paper is pretty great for some legal reasons down the road. We wont be getting married till next year (2015), why hurry? I'm not pregnant, and I don't  have to have a ring in order to keep Alex in my life. I want to make sure we do this right. It's going to be a huge party!

In my experience, planning a wedding can be FUN! So keep it light. Only handle what you can in a day. This is not life or death, or your job (though, I wouldn't mind being a wedding planner). You are trying to make yourself and you future spouse happy, no one else.  And ask for help or advice, I have no experience with wedding planning. I needed some! So I got "the book" as Alex and I call it.

The Wedding Planner

I knew I needed the venue and the day first off.

My advice, if the day is the most important thing to you, then start with that and find the venue that is open on that day. For me, I could care less about the actual day. I just wanted the atmosphere to fit who Alex and I are. So I started on what we wanted, and how we felt as a couple and got a great place. Alex checked the weather and found the best time for a summer wedding in Seattle, so we are set.

Now that I have my man, venue and date. I need my girls. I needed the people who were going to support me in this adventure...

Alex had his groomsmen picked out a while ago, and I know I don't have to match him, but it made me narrow down to only 5, instead of all of my sorority sisters. I've been pinning wedding things for about a year before Alex really proposed, partially because of those sorority I knew how I wanted to ask my bridesmaids. Wine bottle labels! They are so cool! You can check them out here.  I love my wine, and I loved that these were so personal, each one has their name on it. I could get them exactly the kind of wine they liked, and it's something they can drink, and still keep the bottle. I haven't asked all of them yet, just my maid of honor and one other, so I'm still gathering my posse.

Alex thought my wine labels were so cool, he wanted to do something similar. Thank goodness the shop on Etsy that made the wine labels also does labels in the style of Jack Daniel's whiskey! You can see those here as well. I'm a little jealous, those things look amazing!

I've got the 2 big things done...and I've been reaching out to caterers. This may be the most difficult thing for me, if you've seen my other posts, you know I love to cook. I wouldn't put it past me to try and caterer this thing myself, and then I remember how big the guest list is...NOPE! I need a professional!

I still need a photographer, to solidify the colors (I can't make up my mind, figures right?), get a caterer/bartender, the DRESS!, cake and figure out decorations...what else am I forgetting...