Drunk Starbucks...


So if you follow pop culture, you may have seen the parody "art piece" of Dumb Starbucks. If you haven't, check out this handy you tube video and educate yourself. This got me thinking of another type of parody shop I would like to see. Drunk Starbucks! Not even a parody...a real one! I want a REAL Drunk Starbucks.

Hear me out! Irish Coffee? Mexican Hot Chocolate ( the boozy adult kind)? Mexican Coffee? Why should Starbucks loose out on the late night party?

Coffee taste good. Whiskey tastes good. Why not put them together? I could use one of those after work some days.

A Drunk Starbucks could be a great bar! I'd be interested in hanging out there after work and on weekends. Who wouldn't love the mellowness of your local coffee shop, but with the added benefit of an extra kick in your favorite beverage. It would take the dating world by storm! Putting place where people meet ( a bar) with a place where people meet up after they already met at a bar (coffee shop). One stop shop for your next relationship.

I would have a tall drip with a shot of southern comfort, or perhaps a skinny vanilla latte ( the vanilla being vanilla vodka). Just substitute any flavored syrup with flavored vodka and your frappuccino just got drunk-ified. Oh an iced coffee with spiced rum anyone?  I've seen chai vodka before...put that in a chai tea latte and my morning commute on the bus just got much more entertaining.

Drunk Starbucks, I think that is a top notch idea! Someone should get on that.


Also...this is my art/parody piece titled "I don't have photo shop on this laptop so I had to use paint to make a Drunk Starbucks sign." Looks like a drunk person made this right? Nailed it.