Wedding: The Proposal


Oh yes, that's right! I'm getting married! Alex finally proposed after 6 years together. How excited am I? THE MOST!

I was not one of the girls that started planning a wedding when I was six. Though now that I am getting married, I should have! There is so much to do!

But first, I'll answer the question, how did it happen?!

It was New Years Eve, and since we had both gotten off work early, we set off to the Aquarium to kill time before our dinner reservation. It is one of my favorite places, and we even got to see the Giant Pacific Octopus get fed.

After the aquarium we walked down the pier to Anthony's and had a wonderful dinner.  We were supposed to go to a friends place for a party afterwards, and had some time to kill before we could head over. Little did I know that Alex and Jess (the friend who's apartment we were going to) had conspired together about the proposal. He told her that he was proposing and to stall me if I texted her about when we could come over.  Alex walked me all over the waterfront and along Miners Landing past the Ferris wheel and watched the ferries. We even got to the arcade and played a few racing games (We tied 1-1).

I wasn't noticing, but Alex told me later he was really nervous and trying to hide the ring box in his coat pocket. It was a big box, so it made a huge lump in his jacket. He had to slide the pocket underneath his arm so it wasn't obvious, but then he couldn't let me walk on his left side.

We were walking back to the car, and I was pretty cold, and Alex made the comment "I'm kinda dragging you along here aren't I?" He was, but I told him it was ok, that it was a nice night and I was having fun, I was just cold. We still had a little bit of time, so he asked if we could just watch the ferries and the Ferris wheel for a little, it was making really pretty patterns with the lights. We were right by the aquarium, on the pier.

"It's really pretty out here tonight" I said, "I love you."

Alex goes... "This is perfect, the perfect place...Tori? Will you marry me?"


He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box. I couldn't believe it! I thought he was kidding me or playing a joke. I kept saying "NO, really? Are you really? No you aren't!" I was taking one step back and one step forward, I couldn't make up my mind where to go.

He was all smiles and finally said "Tori, stop saying no!"

"Of course! YES!" And I held out my hand. The ring was perfect (if just a little big, I've sent it out to get re-sized). Everything I could have imagined. A few strangers where there who saw and congratulated us. I was in tears and smiling and so many kisses!

I've got a long and exciting process of planning a wedding ahead of me!

Engagement Ring!