Emerald City Comic Con!

Full disclosure: I'm a huge nerd. I'm also a huge girly girl who loves sports. So yeah, I'm a little different. My father got me hooked on Stargate SG 1 when I was young, and it's been one of our things ever since. We would watch it every week together. And when it moved to Friday nights, with Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica it was a SciFi feast! Except when I had debate tournaments on Fridays and we would have to wait a few days to see the newest episode. (Yes, I was on debate team). I'm also in love with Star Wars, the originals as well as the new, but that can be a whole other argument.

I've never gone to anything like Comic Con before, but I've always wanted too.  I went to school on the opposite side of the state from Seattle, so unless it was during the summer months when I was home, I couldn't make it. Well now that I've graduated and live in Seattle full time, it was time to make this dream a reality. I bought tickets for myself and Alex and started making plans. I even convinced my dad to come, but he couldn't get tickets in time. The line up for celebrity guests was amazing! The panels were going to be so fun, and Alex was interested in the gaming area. Right now, I'm kicking myself for for not taking as many pictures!

Since I am a Stargate fan, top of my list was Michael Shanks and Paul McGillion. So those panels were priority. Plus I had to get an autograph and a picture with Michael Shanks, I've had a crush on him for ever! But I was also really interesting in a lot of the panels and exhibits. I only bought a one day pass, so I knew I wasn't going to be able to get everything in. But I was going to try!

One thing that I noticed, which made me feel more comfortable, you  don't have to dress up! I didn't, but that's because I didn't really think that far ahead, I just wanted to get there. While I saw many people in AMAZING and GORGEOUS costumes, there were many people in just a clever shirt or normal street clothes like me and Alex. Though, Alex was wearing a t-shirt from H&M that said  "I Am Awesome." People got a kick out of that.

We went on a Saturday, so it was pretty packed. Super busy! Lines for just about anything. And trying to get from one end of the convention center to the other took a little while, plus you had to make your way through so many packs of people. Pure hectic.

There was so many things to look at as well. I'm not big on comic books, but graphic novels based on t.v. shows or movies interested me. So Dark Horse Comics was really cool to see, they have books based on  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Bioshock Infinite.

There was a great display of Legos. These creations were ridiculous! The shire, Hogwarts, portraits of celebrity guests, and so many others. I don't have the type of mind to be able to conceptualize those kinds of things, so to see these creations in person was mind blowing.

The outfits from The Hunger Games were on display in the sky bridge area. Beautiful! Effie had some of the best shoes! And so many of outfits that when I watched the movie, looked like they wouldn't fit in here in the real world, looked totally acceptable in person. I could see a few pieces on cat walks or in department stores.

In the sky bridge area, there was also the displays for Geek Chic. Furniture for table top games and storage for cards and other geeky supplies. They were so cool! Plus, they had the mustache monocles, enough said! (really wish I had a picture of these!) You can check them out here: http://geekchichq.com/

Standing in line for celebrity autographs wasn't too bad, I got there early and only had to wait about 30 min to get to see Michael Shanks. It was worth it! He was so nice, and called me "sweetheart." Yup, I was ecstatic. Huge smile on my face. Best thing ever! The line for photos was a little less personal. They were trying to get through as many people as fast as possible. So it was a "NEXT," step up next to Michael, smile, "Hi there!" "cheese!" smile, hug, "Thank you!" and then walk away. I wish it wasn't so quick, but I still have a photo to remember getting a hug! And he is so tall! When I took a picture with him, I only came up to his shoulder and he had to bend down a little. AHH! I'm still super happy and excited.

Alex competed in a Magic the Gathering tournament, he got knocked out the first round, but he still had a great time. He hadn't played the game in a long time, since high school. So it was touch of nostalgia. They had quite a few games available for check out to play as well. Cards Against Humanity was out to play and that was fun to watch people who don't know each other put down such raunchy and random cards and have a blast!

I hit up a few panels when I had time. I wanted to go to so many more, but some weren't offered on Saturday, and others were at a time that wasn't going to work with all the lines we had to wait in. One that I was dying to see, but missed, was "I can be a Geek and Feminine too." The first line in the description was "Do you love Star Wars and the color pink?" YES! That is me, and I can't believe I missed it! But I did make it to "The Best of time and Worst of Times" about comic books and the industry. I didn't have a strong background on the subject, but it touched on the economic factors that are affecting the industry and I learned a lot!

Michael Shanks's panel was so much fun! He walks out, and the crowd goes wild. The ladies love him! Started doing a little of a tease with his jacket, I thought the older ladies around me were going to faint! He is super funny, and was great in front of the crowd. I loved him as Daniel Jackson, but seeing him in person and connecting with a bunch of random people made him a little more then just an actor, he's a cool human being! He has been in so many shows as characters that I really get into. I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next!

I also got a chance to see Grey DeLisle too! She does the voices for Daphne on Scooby Do, and Azula from Avatar The Last Airbender, and more. She is hilarious!!!!! She was spouting off some great stuff about Nickelodeon and other people. She kept saying she was making everyone hate her...it was awesome. Alex was doing that epic laugh of his that made everyone look at him, embarssing, but that is how I knew he was enjoying himself.

Paul McGillion...Dr. Becket.  He is great! I've only seen him in somewhat serious roles, and to see him cut loose and crack jokes was awesome, by the way, he is married ladies. (Michael Shanks is as well...but never seemed to mention it, Paul said he was married at least a half dozen times...) Paul has the great Scottish accent, but his normal speaking voice is pretty American/Canadian.  He had some amazing stories, and one of the best ones was when Aaron Douglas from BSG just stopped by to remind him to tell it. I wont ruin it for you, you'll just have to see him and hear it then.

Overall, it was worth the hassle. It was a blast! I can't wait for next year! I know I will be trying to plan out what panels I want to see better and going for more then one day. Saturday was too packed and there was just too much stuff to see. For all the cool stuff, you really need more then one day. It was awesome! A great first experience of Comic Con!