What I Learned from SKY MALL Magazine

I recently had a mini vacation to Florida. And on the long flights, I finally had a chance to really look at the Sky Mall magazines. I now why Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother loves Sky Mall so much.

I also feel like I gained some insight into American's lives.

Barney Stinson is always buying these crazy gadgets from Sky Mall. Now I have seen the magazine before when I've flown. But I've never really looked through it seriously. For some reason, this time I did. And wow, it sure does have some great stuff! There is just about everything and anything you would want. From clothing, tech, organization, decoration and the just plain weird. I caught myself saying "OOOH" and "I want that" in my head a few times. And more times then I would like to admit, I leaned over in my seat to point something out to Alex and  go "How cool is that?!"

One thing that I almost wanted to buy was a printer for your iPhone. It looked like an iHome, but you could print up to a 4x6 picture right from the phone! It was just so simple, and handy! Not cheap by any means, but it was affordable. If I had more of a disposable income, I would have totally bought that.

So of course Barney would love this magazine! There were multiple pages focused on organization for shoes and his beloved suits. And little trinkets that you never knew you needed. I was massively tempted to take the suggestion on the cover and take the copy in my seat pocket. But I didn't.

I also saw some patterns in the products and advertisements that ran in the magazine.

Americans are loosing their hair! At least 2 ads were for replacement treatments or therapy. And I counted about 6 devices that promised to re-grow hair or to make your thinning hair look thicker. It seems that America is full of middle aged men and women that are losing their hair and are not happy about it.

Pets were also a huge part of the magazine. People love their pets, I love my pets too! But some of the things they were selling were crazy! Heated and cooled pet beds. Stairs leading up to your bed so your pet can join you. Water fountain water bowls, so your pooch can always have fresh water. Indoor potty pads that look like a little patch of lawn. And Catnip stuffed into everything!

Aside from the crazy pampered pet things, there were some interesting training tools as well. A leash that lets out a tone that only dogs can hear when they tug or pull too hard. That one actually looked like a good idea and would actually work. However, there was one 'KIT" that allowed you to train your cat to use the toilet "faster then training your kids." It pretty much put a toilet seat on top of a littler box. That I can't see working for many cats.

And finally, Americans need to get organized! Half of the magazine had organizational tools and things for just about anything. Kitchen, shoes, folding clothes,  hanging clothes. Storage solutions for the garden, and the bathroom. I feel like most people's houses must look like an episode out of hoarders when looking at this! But still, there were a few products that I wanted to buy...

Over all, I can see how Sky Mall has been around for such a long time. They cater to an audience with really interesting, creative products and advertisements. Next time I fly, I'll probably take the copy. I really liked that iPhone printer...

Barney Stinson knows his stuff. Sky Mall is awesome, so when he starts to go bald, he will be set!