Ribbon Roses

I'm not super crafty. I'm a far cry from Martha Stewart. In fact I'm probably more like her distant cousin by marriage neighbor's niece...any who, moving on! I like wrapping and making things pretty though. I get to do that a lot for my job. We do custom gift wrap all year round. So one year, when we had some down time, one of my co-workers absentmindedly began to fiddle with the extra ribbon we had laying around and starting making ribbon roses. We were all interested in these pretty little things she was making, so she taught us.

I've been making them for years now too. They are really simple to make and are really cute and pretty. You can use all types of ribbon. We first used them on the thin pieces of fabric ribbon the store had, but you can also use the silkier kind. The width of the ribbon shouldn't be too small, otherwise the fold wont work. So aim for about a half an inch at the least. Perfecting the folds takes practice, so just be patient. Depending on the length of ribbon, the type, and the width of ribbon you have, the number of folds can change. If the first one you make doesn't look just right, just try again. More or less folds will create a different look.


You need ribbon and floral tape and scissors (PIC)

The ribbon I have is 5/8th inch. It's the silky, no wire type.


1) Start by cutting a length of ribbon. About 6-10 inches should be sufficient


2) Fold the ribbon in half by crossing one end over the other. Hold with your thumb and pointer finger to keep the crease.


3) Take the end of the ribbon that is on the bottom of the crease and fold it on top of the original crease


4) Repeat #3 for the other end of ribbon. After each fold, be sure to keep your fingers on the crease to keep them from falling apart.

5) Continue making the folds 9-11 times, depending on the length of the ribbon. It doesn’t matter how long the ends of the ribbon end up being.

The folds in the ribbon should look like this


6) With your thumb and pointer finger, hold the bottom of the stack, and allow the folds to “pop up”


7) Place the bottom of the ribbon (where you were just holding) in the crease between your thumb and your hand.


8 ) With your other hand, gently pull on one of the ribbon ends, (it doesn’t matter which end you pull) until the top of the ribbon barely is pulled into the middle of the developing flower.


9) Pinch the bottom of the flower between your thumb and pointer finger and twist together the remaining ribbon.


10) Cut a small piece of floral ribbon, and gently pull the edge until the color changes from dark green to a lighter shade. And press it to the bottom the flower where the “petals” meet the rest of the “stem.”


11) In one smooth motion, gently pull and wrap the floral tape around the bottom of the flower to make the stem.


12) Should look like this when you finish the stem


13) Cut the ribbon under the stem, and you have a very pretty flower!