Australians Don't Speak English

When I was asked if I chose Australia to study in because they spoke English I said yes. I was then told that they don't speak English, they have their own language. And boy they weren't kidding! I recall an e-mail that my Aunt Cathy sent me, saying that I would be okay because I have a good grasp on Aussie speak already...she was so wrong. Because I have to ask multiple times a day what something means or what someone just said. I've become a pro and leaning over and whispering "what did he/she just say?" and "what does (insert slang term here) mean?" in classes and while out with friends. The slang here is funny. They have different words for people and things as well as shortening words in general. So this post is dedicated to the Aussie slang that I've encountered so far. A friend here was nice enough to start a list for me with American terms. But there are so many terms that I'm bound to forget something or translate it wrong. I'll do my best.

Thong(s)-flip flops. Not the underwear...which is what I think of every time someone says it.

Goon- cheap box wine...tastes like shit, but it is cheap and gets you drunk, so people buy it. Welcome to college life.

Heaps- really, a lot, very, lots, ton. A very versatile word. Heaps cute, heaps cool, heaps anything really. Except for heaps keen...

Keen-used like I'm down, or I'm game, Sounds good and such. You can ask people if they are keen for food, movies, activities, and whatnot. My first experience with it was when someone asked me if I was "keen" when we were talking about making pancakes. And we tried to be cool and say "heaps keen" which doesn't work, but is now the running joke in my corridor.

Bogan- A hillbilly, or redneck.

Derro-derelict. Not quite sure how to explain that one...

Jumper-a sweater

Sweater-someone who is trying really hard to be like everyone else. They are "sweating" by working so hard.

I J in my P- I jizz in my pants...

Devo-devastated. Like you are upset.

Cut- also upset, like something went wrong and and you aren't happy about it.

Texter- a marker, magic or permanent I suppose.

Sunnys- Sun glasses

mate- a friend

Oi!- a general statement, used in a similar way to "oh" or "hey" in American.

Hey-usually used after a persons name. Instead of saying "right Tim?" you would say "Tim hey?"  But you don't really use "hey" to get someone's attention. You would use Oi, so say "Oi Jono" not "Hey Jono."

Notes-paper money. Not bills, bills are what you have to pay, notes are what you pay with.

Shrapnel- change.


Povo-Poverty, when something looks kinda ghetto and run down.

Toilets-the bathroom...

What's Doin'?- what are you doing? how are you? What are you up too? It is a general greeting.

Funnzies-Timmy speak for fun...

Fun As- no need to finish, it just is. Used as a descriptor.

Roadie-a drink for while you are walking. As in one for the road.

Rubber-an eraser, not a condom...

Doona-Comforter or a Quilt for the bed.

Mobile-Mo-Bye-elle. A cell phone.


Bacon- ham. I don't care what you say, but that is NOT bacon.







Scull-chug it! finish your drink.

Budgie Smuggler- SPEEDO!

College-a dorm

Corridor- a hall way



DBS!-Drunk Bitch Slut...

Curling Wand-Curling Iron

I think this is a good list...I'll add more as they come up. Some of these are just terms that people in my "corridor" in my "college" use. So I can't say that these terms are universal in Australia. Don't expect to hear a lot of people saying DBS and funnzies. I think those are mostly a Edwards Hall thing. Hope this is helpful and entertaining!

Stay Tuned!

-Tori Kaye