Gluten Free Muffins with King Arthur Flour

Living gluten free can be tough. Losing out on all the amazing soft, squishy, stretchy, gluten-y goodness of baked goods hit me really hard when I started out. Living and eating while being gluten free now a days is a lot better than it was even 5 years ago, but gluten free baking is still really effing difficult! Just ask the lady who made my wedding cake...

While I always try to make things from scratch, because that is just how I roll, sometimes I get too overwhelmed, or lazy, or I'm just not in the mood to trouble shoot in the kitchen for 3 hours. Thank goodness for pre-made gluten free flour blends and mixes that let me get my baked goodies without sacrificing my gut or my sanity. 

I recently found some gluten free mixes from King Arthur Flour at my local Safeway and bought a few to try out. I made the Gluten-Free Muffin Mix with some frozen blueberries and bananas for a quick breakfast-y treat on my work from home day. Since I've never used this before, and if there are any other home bakers out there like me who are gluten free but still crave it, I thought a review and first impressions would be fun! 

Since I had never used this mix before, I wanted to follow the instructions pretty closely. Other than adjusting my oven temp and time (since I do that for every recipe) and using Earth Balance (vegan) butter and soy milk (again, I do this to every recipe), I feel like I followed directions well and they came out BEAUTIFUL! I watched them rise a bit in the oven and they were so pretty!!

All it takes is some melted butter or oil, milk, eggs and the mix. Whisk together and voila! MUFFIN MIX! They even suggest mixing in nuts or dried fruit. 

Here is a look of a small plain muffin, so you can see how airy and spongy (it's a good thing!) the muffins get. They even have a great smell, just warm and comforting, hmmmmmm carbs


This little muffin may look small and sad because it was made out the of leftover batter that wouldn't fit with the other muffins. But it's still tasty! Look at that!

The rest of the muffins also turned out perfectly

I feel like Portrait Mode was secretly designed for this sort of food photography... 

I feel like Portrait Mode was secretly designed for this sort of food photography... 

King Arthur Flour claims that these muffins will stay fresher longer than any other box mix. I'm not sure how to test that because I'm sure these will be gone by tomorrow morning, the box only makes 12 and I'm not telling you how many I've already had today. 

So today's Kitchen Experiment was a success! I have to say, I may start using more box mixes, because sometimes my gluten free renditions of my favorite cookies and treats just aren't the same :( 

Have you used King Arthur gluten free mixes and flours before? What do you think? Any tips, tricks or hacks you can pass along?