Sun Tea

I realized I've been making Sun Tea on my back deck all summer, but I've never written up a post about it! *face palm* 

Sun Tea is so easy and has a different flavor profile from the usual "iced tea" in my opinion. I make mine on the "sweet" side, brewed with sugar. So if you don't like that....just skip step 1 or reduce the amount of sugar.

You will need:

  • Large (CLEAN), glass container with a tight fitting lid.
  • Tea bags (I use 6-7 for about 8-10 cups of water)
  • Slices of Lemon (optional. Raspberries are also a great add in!)
  • 1/2 cup white sugar (optional, or just reduce the amount of sugar)
  • Water (cool)

Pour the sugar into the bottom of the glass container and add just a little bit of warm/hot water, just enough to dissolve all the sugar. 

Toss in your fruit if you are using it (I love lemons!)

Position your teabags on the inside of the container, but keep the tags on the outside, don't let them fall in! 

Fill the rest of the container up with cool water. Not warm, not hot. Cool! Sun Tea is like Cold Brew Coffee, low temps, slow steeping, it's the best!

Set out in the sun for at least a few hours. I usually put mine out when I make breakfast and by mid afternoon it's ready. When the liquid in the container is a dark tea color, you're set! Feel free to give it a shake to help disperse the sun-brewed goodness!

Sun Tea when it's just starting to brew

Sun Tea when it's just starting to brew

Sun Tea when it's just about perfect! 

Sun Tea when it's just about perfect!