Good Gluten Free Bread? Franz Gluten Free Bread Review

Since going gluten free, I've been on a mission to replace what I once loved as a gluten loving human. I was a carb-a-holic, and I still am! I can still eat rice, corn, and potatoes, and finding gluten free pasta was easy. But bread, good bread, was a struggle. I tired making my own, but the chemistry is so different when you remove gluten that I failed countless times. I was overwhelmed when I looked at the recipes where you had to mix 18 different types of flour for a loaf of bread. So I gave up. I gave in to the hard, dry, nasty gluten free bread that is most common. I pretty much stopped eating bread.

Whenever I would find a new brand of bread that was gluten free, I would give it a shot though. It was 2015 after all, gluten free things had to be getting better...and then I found Franz!


I knew the Franz name, I've seen the trucks and the gluten full bread for years. Seeing a big name bakery go gluten free, that was exciting! I got a loaf and took it home to try out. Like most gluten free breads, it was sealed to preserve freshness inside the bag. So I sliced that sucker open and to my surprise, this was not like any other gluten free bread I had ever seen.

It was moist, it was soft, it was squishy! Not dry, not hard and brittle or crumbly. The pieces themselves are smaller than standard loaf sizes, and they are still fairly dense, but the taste and the texture is right on! After that day, Franz Gluten Free is my go-to loaf! So many options too! There is a white loaf, 7 grain, cinnamon raisin, even hamburger buns, and more! It works for sandwiches, toast, french toast and my husband even uses it to make crab cakes and polpetti (a kind of Italian meatloaf his Nona and family makes), anything that needs bread, this stuff handles. I even made my famous stuffing with it the last 2 years for Thanksgiving and no one could tell the difference between it and the gluten full bread from the times before!

The one down side is that breads do tend to mold pretty quickly. I'm not sure if it is the moisture factor, or what, but if you don't put the loaf in the freezer or fridge within a few days, it will start to mold. I've lost many a loaf to this problem. I've tired different ways of storing it in the kitchen and no luck. Since I went so long without bread, I just don't go through it like I used to, so keep that in mind if you aren't going through a loaf a week, it may go bad before you finish it.

If you are new to the gluten free life, or just gave up like I did on good bread, give Franz a try!