Heart Shaped Swedish Pancakes

#LaterPost...is that a thing? Like #Latergram? Moving on to the food part of our rambling: It is well past Valentine's Day, but I thought I would share my husbands and my's Valentine's Day breakfast.

Since we've recently mastered Swedish Pancakes, I decided to experiment (again) in the kitchen with their shape and what we could do with them.

I got an adorable 3 piece pancake set from Kate Spade for the wedding (my sorority sisters know me so well) and it came with a heart shaped pancake form. I made a batch of the Gluten Free Swedish Pancake batter and decided to try and make heart shaped ones!

Once you make the batter, and heat up your pan (on medium), spritz the heart form and the pan with non-stick spray.

2-3 tablespoons of batter is just about perfect for the size of the form. Spoon the batter into the form, I found there was really no need to tilt the pan, but you can if you need.

Cook for 2-3 min. Carefully remove the form. You may need to use a knife to separate the batter from the metal, but it comes off super easily.

Carefully flip, cook a few more minutes and transfer to a plate. No need to roll these because then you would just ruin the heart shape. And no one wants a broken heart...

We layered these with jam made a lovely little "short stack" of heart shaped Swedish Pancakes! If you want to see the little video of how we did the stack, check that out here!IMG_6938