Recipes: Suggestions & Inspirations

Cooking is an art. Baking is a science.

I truly believe that anyone can cook. You know what you like to eat, you just need to learn how to get those flavors to come out of your own kitchen!

Here is the trick for how I come up with a lot of the tastes and flavors in my recipes: try things! I have been exposed to so many things! My parents, while not necessarily adventureous eaters (my dad calls sushi "bait"), exposed me to a lot of things and sparked my interest. I will literally try anything once. I don't like everything by any means (olives taste like vomit y'all), but I'll revisit some things now that I hated as a kid to see if my tastes of changed.

Even my recipes that I've developed on my own aren't exactly the same every time. Each time I make them, my mood, the day, the season, all influence how I cook. Cooking shouldn't be about following all the instructions to the T. It should be about creating something to nourish yourself and being happy about it!

SO! Try things! Build your palette up so you know what you like, and what goes good together. Experiment in the kitchen.  Get a recipe for a dish you know you like, and follow it, then make it again but add or subtract something you have a gut feeling about.  You are ready to go!

My dad sent me this picture...scifi recipeIt's great! I do that! But it's more like..."thats not nearly enough garlic", or "totally needs basil". When baking, its more "see that vanilla? TRIPLE IT"

I use recipes as suggestions. Sometimes, just the titles will spark an idea and thats all I need. Pinterest is a great source! Most pins link to a recipe that you can follow or get the feel for and you can honestly search for everything! I'm starting to think that Pinterest is a better search engine than Google for somethings.

I follow instructions more when baking, especially now that I'm gluten free, because that can get so complicated and things have a much easier time going from good to crap. Like I said though....always triple the vanilla.