Grilled Nectarines


Want a dessert during the summer that goes great with whatever you just put on the grill? Try fruit on the grill! I've put pineapple, peaches and bananas on the grill before, but this was the first time I put nectarines. Mostly because we thought we had peaches, but turns out not. Nectarines worked out great though.

You will need:


Brown Sugar



Rum (optional)

-Cut the nectarines in half and get rid of the pits.

-Brush the fruit with a very light layer of butter and top with cinnamon and brown sugar. As much as you want.

- Place the fruit on the grill, flat side down. Make sure the coals have cooled a little from when you were cooking whatever else. You don't need it that hot.

-Let the fruit cook for about 2 minutes, enough to get warm and just a little soft. Then flip them over so the flat side is up and the whole the pit was in is visible.

-Optional! Add rum! CAREFUL! Just a heads up, alcohol is flammable! I recommend taking the fruit off the grill while you do this. Just to be safe.

- Slowly pour a little rum into the place the pit was in. Then carefully put the nectarines back on the grill, flat side up. If you spill the rum, it may flame up on you, and that is scary.

Let the fruit cook for a few more minutes, and when you take them off you can add some more brown sugar and cinnamon and then serve!