The First Layers of Spring!

HERE COMES THE SUN! Ah, yesterday was such a great day. We finally got a sunny day in Seattle that was warm! It looks like Spring is finally on it's way!  So to celebrate, I busted out of my favorite pleated midi skirt from Target, and my new ruched sleeved pull over sweatshirt and denim jacket from JAG. I was so excited to wear my new shades from Target...I love the vintage style frames! 

Dressing comfortably for Spring in Seattle means layers. You could be chilly one moment and toasty the next. You'll be enjoying yourself outside with a drink and then all of a sudden the sun moves behind clouds and the temp will drop 10 degrees. To combat the inherent fickleness of the Seattle climate, I draped the jacket over my shoulders for this outfit for 2 reasons;


1) Even though the jacket is made out of super stretchy denim, the bulk of my shirt sleeves wasn't comfortable. 


2) I wasn't really that cold enough to need a jacket on all the time. It blocked the wind and the chill perfectly without me having to bundle up. And spared me the time and energy to take off and put on the jacket every time the breeze picked up. 

The skirt sits at my natural waist, so I did a half tuck/sloppy tuck with the front of the shirt to make it a little more casual for work. 


Outfit Details

Skirt: Who What Wear Collection-Target (Old style, no longer available. As seen on me for the Neiman Marcus Men's Spring Fashion Event

Shirt: Taylor Pull Over in Conch Shell- JAG Jeans

Jacket: Lowen Denim Jacket- JAG Jeans (no longer available online)

Shoes: Jutti Flat-Toms (Old color/fabric, but they have so many new color options!)

Sunglasses: A New Day-Target