Lyon + Post: Farewell Fitting Rooms

Style boxes, on demand shopping & styling services and the such are everywhere right now. Stitch Fix, Le Tote, Wantable, Gwynnie Bee...the list goes on and on and more are popping up everyday. 

I've tried styling services before, but I've never stuck with them very long. I was never a fan of the fees, and it was always so hard to find cute things that were my size and my style. 

Allow me to introduce you to Lyon + Post. A new kind of style box that is free, super simple to use and has a lot of cute stuff to try out.

Each box comes with a hand written note! I love that!

Each box comes with a hand written note! I love that!

Lyon & Post is a different kind of style box. They give you all the control, and there is no fee! You only pay for what you keep. No more hoping that your stylist will give you something you like and being disappointed, no more trying to talk yourself into buying something you don't love just to make use of that styling credit. No more wasting money! 

You can try exactly what you love, or try things that are out of your usual style. All within the comfort of your own home. The prices range from pretty affordable to a splurge. They even have an "on sale" section! I've been adding anything that looks interesting, regardless of the price, because I wanted to try everything. But you can absolutely let price guide your queue. 

I have had 4 or so boxes from Lyon + Post and they were all such a fun experience. You start by singing up, and picking out a bunch of items that you would like to try. You simply select your size, hit the "Try It On" button and the item is put in your queue. Once you have at least 4 items in your queue, you get a box shipped right to your door. And they are constantly adding new things, so you can add "coming soon" items to your queue as well. I have a few coats in my queue that are coming soon that I can't wait to try on! Winter is coming, and I NEED to be ready. 

While the first 2-3 boxes I didn't keep anything, it was mostly because of sizing. I'm not super familiar with some of the brands offered on Lyon & Post, and there aren't any size charts or sizing recommendations, so it is hit or miss on if I guess my correct size. But I still really enjoyed discovering new brands and styles. I didn't take any pictures of styles from the first boxes because since I get to try everything on in my own home, putting on makeup was not a priority. Another bonus point to Lyon + Post. No having to get made up to go try things on. 

One of the last boxes I received, I ended up keeping one of the items! I received 3 dresses and a top. 2 of the dresses were too small, very adorable, which is why I wanted to try them on, but I would need to go up at least 1 size. The top was almost perfect, with a very on trend tie detail at the right hip, but the arms were a little to baggy at my wrists, so I passed. Then I tried on the last dress...WINNER!

It is the Alanna Shift Dress from BB Dakota in Heather Gray. 


I try and live by the rule that if I buy anything new, I have to be able to style and wear it at least 2 different ways. Another reason why I love Lyon + Post...I can immediately try on an item with all my shoes and  cardigans and jackets and jewelry and with my hair up and down and every option I can think of to see how many ways I can style something! 

So that is what I did, and this is what I learned; This dress looks good with flats, loafers, booties, sneakers, boots and heels. I ran around my house to find all my cardigans, jackets and blazers. I tried on all my necklaces to see how they worked with the neckline. It was the most productive shopping / style planning hour(s) I've had in a long time!  

Alex and I had an impromptu date night, so I threw on the dress, some tights and booties. A statement necklace, a red lip and my trusty JAG Savannah jacket completed the look. 

So if you need to shake up your style or just want a more convenient way to shop from home, give Lyon + Post a try.

Sign up using this link and get $30 toward your first purchase!