New Hair. Who Dis? | A Big Summer Chop

Yes I am that person who hits a major life milestone and cuts her hair. Just know that every time someone tells me that they like my new ‘do, this is what plays in my mind-

I got married in 2015, and cut my hair after growing it out for the wedding hairstyle…

But I grew it back out…. and then chopped-ish again a few months ago…

Then grew it out…so for my 30th I wanted to do something similar, but more dramatic! Something that actually worked with my hair texture and how i like to style it. I have a lot of very fine har that likes to curl on it’s own terms. So when I discovered Sarah Marsh on Instagram (@colorandcurl) I knew I had to talk with her! She is a self proclaimed ‘hair nerd’ so I was excited to nerd out with her! The theme of Alex’s and my’s birthday party was “30 & Nerdy” …so it was a match made in nerd heaven! I love to learn so I couldn’t wait to ask her all my questions.

She took my ideas and my plans and talked me out of bangs (thank you) , listened to how I like to style it and my goals. Not only that, but she gave me some EPIC insight into my hair and how it grows. I learned that my ‘distribution point’ on my scalp is what causes my hair to not lay flat where I want it and how to counteract that.

I loved that she asked “Are you presenting yourself the way you want to?” before she got started. While I felt so comfortable with her right away, that question was the cherry on top. I like to be a little more feminine, it’s true! I love a good skirt and hair bow. But I’m not a delicate little flower. I’ve always felt like I get shoved in this little box of “cute, curvy, dainty, little, girly, white girl” but thats not how I see myself, I def have an edge somedays. So being able to express that to Sarah and her helping me achieve a little more “me” in this cut was amazing.

My hair is heavy and would pull the natural curls out, and just ‘pool’ at my shoulders when long. And since I’ve been wearing glasses more often, my current cut did not look good with them. Now, I feel like the focus in on my eyes, not my chin(s). Sarah cut my hair dry, which scared the shit out of me at first. But she explained that my hair doesn’t dry in the same place that it would get cut in during a standard wet hair cut. It gave her a better idea of what my hair will do and how it curls in different sections. The hair at the nape of my neck? DOESN’T CURL! Maybe a slight wave? But not like any of the other layers. She talked me through everything of what she was seeing and why she was doing what she was doing. I loved it! And on top of all that, she gave me styling tips! How to show off my “Joan Jett'“ side if you will ;)

So please enjoy my happy face in the sunshine with my new hair, and if you need to nerd out about your hair, I highly recommend Sarah Marsh! And I’ll be spending my summer with my hair NOT in a messy bun for the first time in a long time.