oVertone Rose Gold for Brown Hair: Review

So I've never been a huge fan of dying my hair. I've done it before...from a box...in college....it didn't go great. Enough so that I haven't died it since getting my natural hair back years ago. 

But, I've always wanted to try fun hair colors. I've started to get tinted gloss treatments from my hair stylists, and loved the slight tint that it gave my hair while not having to lighten it. I'm a sucker for anything sold on an Instagram ad...when I kept seeing the ads for oVertone, I was intrigued! 

It uses a direct dye infused in conditioner so it nourishes your hair while it deposits the color. But I didn't want to wast the money on something that wasn't going to work on my hair. I didn't want to bleach it, I just wanted a little something special! 

When the ad for the oVertone "Rose Gold for Brown Hair" popped up on my IG feed...I bought it immediately. I was so excited! 

Want to see how it turned out or what I thought of it? Check out my video on YouTube or right here:

My first time ever using oVertone products! I used their new Rose Gold Deep Treatment and their Daily Conditioner for brown hair. To see what my hair looked like before the dye....check out my Instagram (@veryvictoriakaye) https://www.instagram.com/veryvictoriakaye/ oVtertone website: https://overtone.co Not an Ad! Purchased with my own money and these are all my own opinions.

How about you?! Have you tired oVertone Hair Color? Tell me all about it!!