Summertime Skincare Hack

I take my skincare and sun protection seriously. In high school I had a terrible sun burn, with blisters and everything. These were 2nd degree burns, easy. I had applied SPF 30 in the morning....and never reapplied, even after getting in the water. I KNOW! I was an idiot. It was horrifying. I never want that to happen again! 

So when summer rolls around and I'm constantly outside, I leave nothing to chance. For my body, I slather on the SPF 50 and keep it coming. Supergoop is my brand of choice at the moment, the Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil is amazing! And since I am essentially solar powered and am more than happy to lounge in the sun all day like a cat, I have sunscreen on hand at all times. For my face, there are a lot of options; Moisturizers, primers, foundations all with SPF in them! However... I've found my favorite hack; mixing in sunscreen to a foundation that is a shade too dark for me. I then top off with a powered mineral sunscreen throughout the day. 

I love Tarte Cosmetics Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation, but I got fair-light neutral to be my 'summer shade' and my skin is still a bit too pale! So for a quick fix and some SPF protection I mixed in my trusty Murad Balancing Moisturizer with SPF 15 . 

I love this trick because since my skin does go from super pale to not so pale, my foundation shade in winter doesn't always work in summer. This way, I can get my own custom shade without having to buy 3 different shades of foundation for the season. And, I get some more SPF protection, which is always a good thing. 

To top off my makeup and to add more sun protection, I'm loving Peter Thomas Roth's Instant Mineral SPF 45. It's a great finishing powder and I can reapply anytime and NOT screw up my makeup. Plus, it's so sleek I can toss it in my purse and use it whenever I need a touch up! 

Have fun in the sun...but be smart about it! Do you have any favorite skin care with sun protection hacks or products?