Layering Perfumes with CLEAN Fragrances

Perfume has always been a fun, top off your outfit experience for me. Sometimes perfume is for someone you will be seeing that day or night (wink wink), and sometimes it's just for you. Catching a whiff of your perfume throughout the day can give you a little extra boost of confidence or sooth your nerves. (I love to spritz a bit in my hair for a subtle pick me up through out the day)

Your own personal body chemistry will change the smell of scents on you. A scent that smells amazing in the bottle, in the air, or even on a friend, will smell differently on you. It will change as soon as it hits your skin and continue to develop over time. That is one of the wonderful things about perfume! 

I've been a fan of layering scents for years. Layering perfumes is another way to wear fragrances that many women don't think of. A lot of us simply spray and go, not thinking about the other notes that are in our favorite floral scent or the subtle musk that is in our go-to. Perfumes and wearable fragrances are full of possibilities! Layer scents to create a custom blend that is perfect for you and that no one else can re-create.

The best kind of fragrances to layer are ones that don't have too much going on scent wise. Ones that have little "movement" from top to bottom, meaning they don't go through too many stages or change their overall scent. They should be fairly 'true to scent' for the entire wear. CLEAN, for example, makes great layering fragrances. I got a little trio of the CLEAN layering perfumes at Sephora after the Holiday season and have been playing around. All their scents are fabulous, and tend to be fairly one note, meaning they don't have all the different layers that a typical perfume will have. These were meant to be blended and worn together!

The trio I have is Warm Cotton, Blonde Rose and Sueded Oud. Warm Cotton smells just like clothes and dryer sheets still warm & toasty from the dryer. Blonde Rose is a floral scent, but with warm tones. It has just a tiny bit of musk. Sueded Oud may be one of my favorites, it is deep and smooth. CLEAN calls it "creamy" and "fresh" and I have to agree. 

All three are amazing to wear on their own, but really shine when you blend and layer them. I've been wearing the Blonde Rose and Sueded Oud for days. I love the warm musk from both and the floral from the rose keeps it just a touch feminine. It may be becoming my go-to winter scent. 

CLEAN has a ton of scents, and many come in little sets! Grab a couple that smell good and try them out. You'll be able to craft a custom scent for yourself everyday. Simply find 2 (or 3) that you like and try them out. If you find a perfect mix for you, be sure to share! I love learning about new combos!