Cover FX-Total Cover Cream Foundation

The elusive search for the perfect foundation....

I've really come to love Cover FX's foundations, I have 3 different types currently. The Pressed Mineral Powder and Custom Cover Drops are both wonderful, but I love how easy and mess free the Total Cover Cream Foundation is! 

Cover FX's Total Cover Cream Foundation comes in all the usual shades, which is wonderful. This is one of the very few brands I've found that can match my skin tone. I will use the N10 in the summer and N0 in the winter (goodness, I AM pale). They have different shades for each skin color type, Neutral (N), Pink (P) and Golden (G). Meaning you can most certainly find the shade for you! 

Having build-able coverage (but not cakey coverage) is key. And this foundation delivers. I can throw just a little on, letting my natural texture show through, which is great for lazy mornings. Or I can get a full coverage perfection for photoshoots and big events. It comes with a sponge to apply but I prefer to use my Beauty Blender. Just wet, dab on the compact and bounce along your skin for easy and lovely coverage. Make sure your skin in properly hydrated though, this stuff shows off the dry skin and flakes if your skin isn't happy. 

This foundation doubles as a concealer, so when they say "Total Cover" they mean it. When I go full coverage, I almost don't need to add any more of my actual concealer (which is also Cover FX...Blemish Treatment Concealer). It's almost too easy to use and look good. 

It has a more dewy or radiant finish, but you can easily turn it more matte by applying your favorite finishing powder. I love this stuff because it isn't just a one hit wonder. It is highly versatile; sheer to total coverage, dewy to matte finishing. And, it doesn't irritate my skin or clog my pores. I can walk out the door feeling confident in the color match and coverage. 

If you are like me and always trying to find your perfect match, check out Cover FX!