Clinique Moisture Surge Intense - Winter Skin Must Have

I knew I was getting older when I had to switch from an oil control skin care routine to a hydration focused one. Logically, I knew my skin was getting dryer over time, but it really felt like one day I went to get a facial and they were like "oh my your skin is so dry!" So I've been on a mission to keep my skin happy! Because when my skin in hydrated, I KNOW I look better and feel better.

I have been using the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, but this winter, it wasn't cutting it. I was still waking up with dry, tight skin and my makeup was looking cakey, flaky and terrible.

So I upgraded! I stopped by Sephora and got the Moisture Surge Intense, it is designed for "very dry to dry combination" skin. Oh what a life changer!

While the Extended Thirst Relief is a lightweight gel, the Intense version is a heavy duty, gel-creme....fancy! I applied a fair bit more than I usually would the first night, to give me skin a nice dose of what it needed. It did take a while to soak in, and after a few minutes there wasn't any sticky leftover feeling. I took that to mean my skin really did need all that!

The next morning my skin looked fantastic! Dewy, soft and pretty. I skipped using it in the morning, worried that it may be too heavy to wear under my makeup, opting to use my Extended Thirst Relief instead. But at the end of the day, the dry patches were back and my makeup was flaky. Not nearly as bad as before though.

I adjusted my routine the next morning and used this under my makeup that day. OH! Pretty, pretty skin! Is it a bad thing that I feel like my outfit and hair look better when my skin and makeup look great as well? Anyway. This stuff worked like a charm! It now holds a special spot in my Winter Skin Care Routine. I also experimented with using it as the base for my foundation when I use my Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. That worked so well! Just a few drops of foundation to a dollop of moisturizer and dab with your Beauty Blender.

The one thing I'm not a huge fan of is the smell. It dissipates fairly quickly, but it's not too pleasant smelling at first. Of course, that is just me, but a few other comments on mentioned the smell as well. Don't let that hold you back from trying it! If you put a Sephora gift card on your Christmas list and have very dry skin, I highly suggest trying this out!