Bumble and Bumble. Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre-shampoo Masque

Curly hair is notorious for being dry and frizzy. It's true. But I've found something else to add to my arsenal of products designed to help keep my hair from getting out of control. 

Bumble and bumble has a whole line called "Hair Dresser's Invisible Oil." From the original oil its self, to shampoo, conditioner and more. One of the newest additions is its balm-to-oil pre-shampoo masque.  

I got a sample of it from my hair dresser and fell in love! It has become a part of my Sunday night routine. It's not complicated to use, and the results are amazing! Soft smooth curls coming up! 

Before you get in the shower, set aside 20-30 mins. Take a small scoop of the balm with your finger and melt it between your hands and run in through your dry hair. Be sure to coat every strand. Keep taking more blah and melting it as you need. Then, just set a timer for 20 min and relax. In fact, I've got the oil sitting in my hair as I type this! Another bonus feature...your hands will feel SO SOFT because of all the conditioning oils. And just like the original oil, this stuff smells amazing too. My husband loves when I do this hair masque. 

Rinse and condition as per your usual showering routine. Style or let air dry and see how great your hair looks!