Sheet Masks

Years ago, when I was working retail for L'Occitane, we had a customer come in looking for a "honey face mask". When we showed her the jar of the honey mask, she shook her head and said "No, no, no, like a mask!" and explained that on the plane flight to and from Japan, she was given a mask of ours that had cut outs for the eyes, nose and mouth. She explained that you put it on your face and it had the ingredients soaked in the fabric to hydrate your skin without actually massaging it in and rinsing off the product. According to her it was the most luxurious and amazing thing ever. L'Occitane was, and still is, a hugely popular multi-country business with exclusive products for each country and market. American's just hadn't been exposed too or embraced the sheet mask phenomenon that Asian countries had had for years. We had never had the product before, so we were unaware it was an offering in another country. Our customer made us promise to call her if we ever got the masks in and that we had to try them for ourselves. After that first encounter with that customer, I didn't hear about these sorts of masks for a long while. A few years ago though, America caught the buzz...

Sheet masks are incredible. They are perfect for the lazy girl in all of us. I personally love them because traditional face masks can get obnoxious. If I do them after I take out my contacts, I have to worry about my glasses getting the gunk on them, I have to bend over the sink and rinse my face, water gets everywhere when you are trying to scrub your face, your back hurts from bending over, ugh. They are super helpful and important in good skin care, but they are messy and a pain. Have you ever done a "peel-off" face mask? You feel like an alien, ripping off your first layer of skin. But sheet masks take a lot of those issues and just eliminates them.

There are a few different types of sheet masks. They can be made out of cotton, hydrogel, bio-cellulose, and more. Each type has it's pros and cons and what it is best for. When speaking with my dermatologist and even my skin trainer from Skoah, I've learned that they are mainly best for hydrating your skin. The serums and products that they use on them can help brighten, treat acne and pimples, pump fine lines, etc. But the main benefit is to hydrate your skin.

You just have to un-fold the mask, they typically come folded in a little sealed pouch, align the holes with your eyes, mouth, nose, and press onto your face. I've found the Sephora cotton sheet masks work great and stay put. They don't slid around too much and I've been able to walk around and do chores with it on. Other masks, like the hydrogel ones like to slip more. So those I save for when I can lay down and relax for the 20 minutes.

After you have let it sit for the required time, all you have to do it take off the mask and press or massage the leftover serum/product into your skin. No need to rinse! I always follow with moisturizer to lock in the goodness and really give my skin a dose of happiness. To really get the most bang for you buck, I recommend putting on a serum BEFORE you do a sheet mask to push the serum in deeper and make it work harder for you.

Sheet masks can get expensive, even the Sephora branded ones are still $6.00 a pop. So I save them for my weekly skin care extravaganza night. So pick out a couple and give yourself a night to relax and treat your skin! I've been perusing the Sephora website for new ones to try, it's a little bit addicting! These are so easy to use!


Give them a try! If you find any great ones, be sure to share!