Winter Sunday Night Skincare

You know how on the first day of school, you would spend days trying to decide what to wear? As an adult, that worry of how I look, am I presenting myself properly, is still present. Now, it's more like an every week sort of struggle. Monday comes around and no matter what I did (or didn't) do over the weekend, I still want to look good. Skin care is my favorite thing to pamper myself with; so here is my "Winter Season Sunday Night Skincare Extravaganza-Bonanza" routine. I have dry, sensitive skin that likes to break out, know your own skin and make adjustments as necessary.

I'm really loving the Skoah line of skincare right now, so a lot of my preferred products in this are from Skoah, but you can substitute your favorite product!

  1. Remove makeup with Kleansing Lotion from Skoah
  2. Using my Clarisonic, wash skin with your favorite deep cleaning facial wash. I was given a sample of the *NEW* Charcoal Kleanser from Skoah and loved it!
  3. Spritz face with your favorite toner (I alternate between the Turbo Tonik and the Glow Tonik. Glow is an exfoliator, so if my skin is feeling sensitive or if I just exfoliated within a few days, I used the Turbo)
  4. Exfoliator Scrub or Mask: NOTE! If you are having a breakout, be extra careful with your exfoliator and scrubbing your face. You can move the oil around your face and create more pimples. So if you have active pimples, don't use a scrubbing exfoliator and be very gentle when washing your face. If you usually use a Clarisonic to wash your face, maybe skip that. Use a wash cloth or your *clean* hands instead.
    1. I love the Aha mask from Skoah. Leave on for the recommended time, or if you have sensitive skin, shorter. This will help prep your skin for the serums and the moisturizer on the way! I use this when I have active pimples on my face.
    2. For a scrub, I have been using L'Occitane's Immortelle Brightening Instant Exfoliator for years. It is like getting a microdermabrasion at home!
  5. Skin Boost Serum or your favorite treatment serum. If I am having a break out, I will use the Murad Acne Clearing Solution to help clear up my skin.
    1. Applying a serum before a face mask is key. The serum will get pushed in deeper and will have better results if you do them first and then a mask.
  6. Sheet mask of your choice! I LOVE sheet masks. They are the ultimate in lazy girl skin care. They can be super hydrating and so easy to use. I use the Sephora brand once regularly and they stay on great. I can walk around the house, do chores (blog...) almost anything. Or, to make it a super duper relaxing night, just chill out with Netflix, a book, or relax in bed. Leave on for the instructed time, then just remove the mask, massage the leftover product into your face and you're done! No need to rinse! Because after all that washing off your makeup, washing your face, and the other non-sheet masks you have to rinse off, it's nice not to have to bend over the sink....again.
  7. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. I will switch between the Skoah Hydradew mask (just put a smaller amount on your face than you would if you were using it as a mask) or the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.
  8. Top it all off with your favorite eye cream and you are done!

Your skin will be all plumped, moisturized and ready for the week ahead of you!

List & links of my preferred products: