Skoah: Kleansing Lotion

As a girl who loves makeup and skin care, I know how important it is to get all the makeup off and give your skin a good cleaning every night. I am a fan of a double cleanse in the evening, one to take off all my makeup, and one to actually cleanse my skin and get rid of dirt and gunk in my pores. I had been using makeup removing wipes because they were quick and easy, but I noticed my skin was getting dry and irritated. I'd also been told by every skin trainer I'd seen at Skoah that my skin was "looking a little dry..." it just wasn't happy with my current routine. I'm not a teenager with oily skin anymore, apparently my "adult" skin is dry! Who knew?! Skin changes over time, so pay attention to it!

At one of my facials with Skoah, I asked what they recommended to help remove makeup and not dry out my skin. I saw they had Kold Cream (my mother and grandmother always used a cold cream to remove makeup, #oldschool!) , but my skin trainer recommended the Kleansing Lotion. They describe it as "a soothing, lotion to gently lift dirt and oil. Highly refined olive oil hydrates and soothes skin." It sure sounded great to me!


My skin trainer said to put it on when my skin was dry to really break up the makeup and rinse well. I could then follow up with another round of the Kleansing Lotion or whatever face wash I wanted to use.

No more dry, red, irritated skin for me! After I washed my face with the Kleansing Lotion (it even helped remove my mascara!) I noticed my skin wasn't feeling as tight and dry like it used too. I used to think that feeling meant my skin was all nice and clean and oil free, but now I know that just meant my skin was pissed off at me. Now I can remove my makeup and know that my skin is getting a dose of moisture at the same time. Which is a total win, because I'm still not used to having "dry" skin...welcome to adulthood I guess!

So go get a facial! I love the Power Facial (AMAZING massage included), and ask your skin trainer ALL the crazy questions about your skin you can think of, I'm sure they will be able to get you to your best skin ever.