Living Proof: Prime Style Extender Spray

One of the most important things hair professionals and the internet always tell you when you have curly hair is to not to wash it everyday. My curly hair has the unfortunate problem of being dry at the ends, but the roots tend to get pretty oily quickly. Since I don't want to wash everyday, and I can't NOT wash at least every few days....I needed something that would help keep my roots and my ends on the same schedule.

Living Proof's Prime Style Extender Spray is amazing!


It says it is made for "Fine Hair" but that didn't stop me from trying it. In the pursuit of a good hair day every day, never give up on your dreams!

This stuff couldn't be easier to use. Just spritz on damp hair, I focus on my roots where it gets greasy the fastest (like right at your bangs). Then, style as usual! A few spritz, a few seconds and your hair has a much longer life between washes.

So if you struggle with oily roots and want to keep your hair looking great with minimal use of dry shampoo between washes, this is perfect!