Living Proof: Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector

Curly hair can get so dry and frizzy. So it's one of my life missions to find the best products for my hair. Things that can keep my hair from getting too wild but that also won't weigh down my curls or get my roots all oily before my next wash. Since I have dry ends but can get greasy in my roots pretty quickly, it's a tough mission. Leave in conditioners are products I love to play with, but not all are created equal. After I finished a bottle of my latest purchase, something that I wasn't impressed with, I found Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector.


While it doesn't bill itself as a traditional "leave-in conditioner", it is essentially that.

It says you can put it in your hair when it is damp or dry, but I've only used it on my damp hair. After I towel dry my hair,  I put 3 pumps in, focusing on my ends. Then I put it up in a clip to air dry a bit before I put it in a loose pineapple bun before bed.

The bottle says you can rinse it out in the morning, but my hair always drinks it up so well that rinsing isn't necessary, if your hair is more fine, you may want to. The first time I used it my hair looked and felt AMAZING! No residue on my pillow and my hair didn't feel like it had product in it, it was just so healthy feeling!

My curls were so bouncy and soft. They seemed to hold the curl longer and look so shiny! With the cold, dry winter weather, my hair is usually a mess, but this cured it!

Onee of the best things about this is that it isn't super heavy even though it is a moisturizing powerhouse. My curls aren't weighed down! And it lasts until my next shampoo! Since I don't wash my hair everyday, or even every other day, most leave in conditioners crap out after the first day. This one is still working overtime days later!