Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

maxresdefault I thought I was destined to be stuck using powder foundation my entire life. I’m in my mid 20’s and I had never found a liquid foundation that matched my coloring. I’m very pale, but also have very neutral undertones. Most foundations just never matched. They were too pink, too beige, so no flattering. Mineral powder foundation worked…but I couldn’t get the coverage that I needed being a teenager/young adult still suffering from acne. I lived in fear of foundation rubbing off, not doing what it was supposed to be doing (ie covering…) and the dreaded LINE at my jawline from my foundation not matching my skin tone.

However, I never truly gave up hope. As a Sephora addict I was always looking out for that perfect shade that could give me the coverage I needed and match my wonky skin tone. Then, it happened. I found the Holy Grail that is foundation. It had everything, a perfect match to my skin tone, amazing full coverage that could be adjusted to be lighter when my skin wasn’t breaking out and the ability to mix with primers and moisturizers to customize my makeup. Cover FX Custom Cover Drops! *Cue angelic singing*

The name says it all, but lets’ break it down.

Cover FX: Yes, it is the name of the brand, but it is also a hint that this stuff COVERS! At full strength, all my redness was gone, my skin was even and suck it pimples, I CAN’T SEE YOU!

Custom Cover Drops: Other than the amazing color match that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, the fact that this is designed to be buildable from sheer to full coverage is the best thing about this foundation. And when I say “buildable”, I don’t mean adding layer upon layer of foundation on your face like other brands. You simply add more “drops” from the dropper tool to your primer or moisturizer. 1 drop is for sheer coverage, for when your skin is behaving and you just need a little something. 4 drops for full coverage because you are human and we all need extra help (me, most days’ I use 3-4).

I use N10, the palest shade this comes in and it is perfection because it’s for neutral undertones. Now, I am confident in my color match when I leave my house, no longer hiding behind scarves or keeping my hair down to detract from what could be an obvious mis-match like in the past. The line at the jaw is no more!

Since discovering Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, I’ve started using their primer; mainly because they work better together, but I actually love the primer just as much now. I use the mattifying (because I tend to get shiny and oily in my t-zone) primer with anti-acne treatment (because I’m still getting breakouts regularly, curse you hormones!)

There is only one downside to this product, and I’m not saying this detract you from buying, because I whole heartedly believe that this is worth it, but it is worth mentioning. The bottle that the foundation comes in is…fussy. I’m on my 3rd bottle, and no matter what I do, no matter how careful I am, the liquid will end up on the threads of the bottle. It’s a mess. And after a certain point, you cannot use the dropper tool anymore and have to resort to wiping the product off the dropper or off the threads. The cost per bottle is a little high for how much is left after the dropper stops picking up enough to be useful, but still, the product is WORTH IT!

So if you have a difficult skin tone, or need variable coverage, I highly recommend trying this out! They have a full range of colors, and since you can mix with clear or white based primer/moisturizer you can customize even more.