skoah. hydradew mask

This is the second product that I walked out of my skoah facial with.

Now, I usually shy away from "hydrating" things since my skin is oily and pimple pron. But I have gotten some comments from makeup artists and my skin care trainer that my skin did look a little dry. It must be the fact that I'm getting older and my skin is changing the closer I get to 30 (4 more years!).

So I sucked it up, and got the hydrating mask. I know that hydrating your skin is just as important as drinking water to keep your body hydrated. I've used it twice a week, for the last few weeks, both as a mask, and BONUS! as an additive to my daily moisturizer.

The mask smells AMAZING. Like a honeydew melon, which may be what they were going for, hence the name ;) . It is also very liquidy in the little jar, it looks like water that is barely being held together by some magical force. (Yes I know it's a gel, but still, it looks cool.) Be careful when you open it! Because when I did, I had it at an angle and almost dumped it all over my bathroom.

To use as a mask, just put a good amount all over your clean skin and leave for 10-20 minutes. I just do 10, because I'm still scared of breaking out. The gel is clear, so you will have a wet, slick look all over your face. It will dry a little, so you can safely walk around the house and do chores while you hydrate. Alex came home while I had the mask on and went in for a kiss before I had a chance to warn him and he got a little hydrating face mask action too! Once your time is up, just rinse off!

The girls at the spa told me that it was also a great thing to add to your daily moisturizer if you need it. I still don't believe that I need it THAT often, but I've added it to my moisturizer after a day in the sun and need to replenish my skin. Just take a small drop of the gel and mix it with your moisturizer in your hand and apply. No need to wash off. This process, I LOVE! After a day in the sun this is just what my skin needs.

Overall, this is a great addition to my skincare routine and should help keep my skin dewy and pretty. Get your own facial and skoah products on their website!