skoah. turbo tonik

So I got a facial a little bit ago and loved it. I ended up with better skin that lasted for a few days and 2 new products. Check out that blog HERE! I've been following my lovely skin care trainer's suggestion and using my turbo tonik in the morning only, no face washing!

I'll be honest, when she suggested that I not wash my face in the morning I thought she was nuts. I'm oily! I have pimples! I can't NOT wash my face! She went on to explain that since I don't usually wake up all greasy, I may not actually have dirty skin in the mornings. I could give my skin a break and pass on the acne face wash and Clarisonic scrubbing while still maintaining my healthy glow. I was intrigued... 

The tonik helps to balance your skin's PH, which is throw off by plain water. So since I don't do much except shove my face into my pillow at night, I don't really need to clear out my pores in the morning (unless I forgot to take of my makeup). Just a quick spritz on my face and maybe a few dabs on my problem areas with a cotton pad, followed up with my moisturizer and my skin care routine is complete in the morning! It smells good too! I've even gotten Alex into using it. Since he is horrible at washing his face it's easy for me to get him to just spray this on his face and go.

I've been following this routine for about 2 weeks and so far so good! No more breakouts then usual, and my skin doesn't get shiny or oily during the day. And my makeup is still staying put!  I hadn't been seeing much improvement in my skin's appearance though until this morning. It is a little clearer, a little more even in tone and texture and even a little more "perky."

If you have oily/troublesome skin, you may like this! Since my skin is sensitive, I think skipping the morning scrub has helped clam my skin down without sacrificing what my skin needs to stay healthy.