Skoah fitskin Facial

Since part of my job is being on social media all day, I noticed some people tweeting about #skoahfirstfacial. I am big on skin care, so I decided to check it out! Skoah is a great skin care and spa based in Canada that has just opened up a few spas in the Seattle area and are offering a free facial to new clients. Well...I wasn't about to pass on that! I have the wedding coming up, so why not get my skin some love and attention so I look my best on the big day?

First impression when I walked into the downtown store on Pike was that the space was bright, clean and the ladies there were super friendly and nice. I was offered a cup of water while I filled out my info sheet. In the little spa room I was in there was a little thank you note on the pillow and a chap stick (which feels amazing!). I had a chat with my lady about my skin, how was it now, what I was looking for out of this facial, etc. She really knew her stuff too! Every time I would answer a question, I would think it was sufficient, but she would then elaborate and get more details out of me and make me think. She knew just what to ask to get the info she needed. I felt really taken care of.

The fitskin facial is only 45 long and it's basically an amped up version of what you should be doing for your skin everyday. It also comes with a great arm massage! She talked me through the steps and the products she was using and really looked at how my skin was and gave me some good feedback and comments on my skin. Apparently, my skin is pretty good! I thought it was bad with all the acne scars and black heads, but she complimented me on how well I've taken care of my skin so far.

My skin was a little dehydrated on the upper layers, which makes sense because I'm a bit oily so I tend to shy away from a lot of moisturizer since I don't want to break out or look shinny. But she moisturized me pretty heavily and even now at the end of the day, I don't feel shinny or greasy, it's great! I even SMELL GOOD! My arms are even super soft from the lotion they used.

Afterwards I got a great consultation about product for my skin. She was great at doing her job and selling, but I never felt pressured. I did end up leaving with 2 products, a toner spray and hydration mask. I can't wait to start using them! The girls there even asked for a selfie with me (with no makeup on either so you know I must have loved it to let them do that!).

Overall, I loved the experience and will be going back before the wedding for another facial to get my pre-wedding glow on. My skin feels so soft right now and my t-zone isn't all slick with oil and it's been hours since I've left the store.

I took a before and after picture of my skin...but the lighting is so different that I'm not sure they are actually helpful. Trust me when I say it's worth it.