Pale Girl Makeup: Foundation Too Dark?

So you bought the lightest shade possible...and it's still too dark?

It really sucks when this happens. It happens to me all the time! I typically use powder foundation because A) The colors tend to be lighter and match me better. B) They don't break me out.

I thought I finally found a foundation that would work, but I was sadly mistaken. I love Tarte cosmetics, and have used so much of their stuff, including the BB cream which matched my color pretty well.  So, I thought I would give their liquid foundation a try.

While I do like the foundation, it is full coverage but lets my skin's texture show through so it looks very natural. Plus, it's has amazonian clay (one of Tarte's signature lines) which is fantastic for my skin. HOWEVER; the palest color it came in was too dark. ACK! But  after doing some research, I came up with a solution!

Check out this video of how it works!