So a little bit about me…

I love cooking, so there is, and will be, a lot of food posts. I’m also gluten free. A lot of my older posts may be full of gluten, but I’ve been making gluten free food for a while. If you want to see an older post made gluten free, just let me know! 

I married my college sweetheart, Alex, and we’ve bought our first house! I’ll be sharing how all that is going…but being 10+ years into the relationship, I think we’re doing great :) 

I love bows. 

I love animals.  Alex and I have a cat, Louie who is our fur baby. I’m not a “cat person”, I’m an animal person! I love them all. No lie. Give me all the animals! 

Fashion has a special place in my heart. I try to find things that make me look and feel good. I've recently lost a lot of weight, going from an 18/16W to a missy size 12. So I'm re-evaluating my entire closet! Beauty and skin care is also an interest of mine, so pale and having unruly curly hair has always been a fun thing to work with…

Life happens. This blog is not my job, but a hobby. So while I may not post every day, when I do post, it will be because I felt it was something worthy of sharing.

even if my endeavor fails to be appreciated, I am still aware that it is as noble as the endeavors of others…
— Soren Kierkegaard